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ROCKTAPE Report Out | Momentum Rehab

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RockTape, the kinesio tape I use, along with Gua Sha, has delivered needed relief to many shoulder injuries I have dealt with over the past couple of months. I am expanding the program by offering a roll for $15.00 and free taping as long as the tape lasts. The tape decompressed the soft tissue providing pain relief and allowing more blood flow which speeds up recovery.

I am also offering RockSauce, Hot and Cold for $15.00. It’s a roillon that has a nice minty smell, with the Hot meant for chronic conditions and the Cold good for new and acute conditions. The menthol and capsaicin (the most compared to related products) provides ideal pain relief for nagging trigger points and tight soft tissue.


The best part is RockSauce can be applied right underneath the kinesio tape providing relief to the pain you are are having.

So if you or anyone else is experiencing pain I have the tools to resolve your problem. Remember though, get your monthly massage so you avoid major problems later.

Also, it is that time of year and I am offering gift certificates that you can buy online for your family and friends.