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IT Band | Momentum Rehab

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What is it? Why should I care?

The Iliotibial Band or IT band is very tendinous tisssue, stronger and tougher than muscle tissue and is found below the side of the hip (below the TFL muscle) and travels down the outside of the leg eventually blending with the structures above the knee.

IT Band

What does it do?

The fibrous band straightens the knee, pulls the leg away from midline, rotates the hip, and stabilizes the knee.

After years working on many clients with low back pain I noticed when I would clear up knots in the IT Band the low back pain would resolve or lessen. Since the IT Band tissue is denser it takes longer to heal and a bit harder to release, especially if you are foam rolling or stretching.

Tip: If you foam roll keep the pressure medium and slow, if you put too much pressure too quickly you can cause the body to ‘guard’ and worsen the situation. Put pressure on an area for 20 to seconds and wait for it to release. Repeat.

How do I know if I have a problem?

Take two fingers and run them along the IT Band. If it feels tight or bumpy you should make an appointment with me so I can smooth out the tissue and resolve the IT Band System. After just one session you will notice improved range of motion and less low back stress.