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Low Back Pain What’s the Problem | Momentum Rehab

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I took a couple of very exciting continuing ed classes. One in particular has some new information on how to treat low back pain. The class was presented by Ben Benjamin, a massage therapist, educator, and author, who has published articles in many medical journals.

Are you experiencing low back pain? I have new tools to help diagnose and determine if is related to you low back or gluteal muscles or if it is coming from your tendons in your low back. If there is problems with one of the low back tendon usually bending forward or backward will experience the worst pain while bending to the side will have less pain. Pain in the thigh and the lower leg means adhesive scar tissue in your sacrotuberous or sacrospinous ligaments. The important distinguishing factor between disc injuries and soft tissue is the lack of pins and needles sensation and soft tissue issues will not give you muscular weakness. Tendon issues can make you feel like you have numbness. So if you have muscle weakness along with pain it could be a disc issue.

What helps? Exercise (but not just by itself), stretches, and of course deep massage, a massage that avoids bearing down on the low back as to not put the spine into extension. Combining muscular soft tissue work along with friction therapy on the adhesive scar tissue (the fibrotic painful stuff needs to be addressed) will give the best results. I am trained in these methods and can get your back feeling better.