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ROCKTAPE and GuaSha | Momentum Rehab

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So I’ve been using RockTape and Gua Sha to assist with pain management. They are actually a great combo too. You can look at the slideshow above to see what RockTape and GuaSha look like. GuaSha as explained in an earlier blog removes scar and fibrotic tissue so healthier tissue can form. It’s the one of the first go to modalities when a client is in pain or has not had soft tissue work in a while. The effects are immediate. Applying RockTape is like having a therapist working on you even after the massage. It reduces pain and swelling and increases neurofeedback so you can make real time adjustments, for example, improve posture.

Well the results are in and GuaSha has treated several clients quite well especially in the more severe cases. Pain has been brought under control in all clients who have been uncomfortable. The taping feedback I’m getting is a reduction in pain and improvement in comfort and range of motion. So if you are in discomfort make sure to make an appointment and get these painless treatments. Keep on staying active!