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Myofascial Techniques | Momentum Rehab

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In the September issue of Massage & Bodywork the technique article was about how to make Myofasical work more effective.

Muscles ideally fire in a pattern with rapidity which can provide the tightening and pulling we need in order to move. Over time though, this pattern can lead to jerky movements where the muscles forget how to let go. By using our nervous system massage can lower the resting tone of the muscles and teach them to let go and further give them a refinement for fine motor skills; instead of an all or nothing approach.

How do we do this? By manipulating the Golgi Tendon Organ which regulates the receptors in our tissues, joints, ligaments, and tendon junctions. The GTOs can also control the rate at which helper muscles along with the main muscle fire.. This research has been conducted by Robert Schleip and others. How do we manipulate? Using Trigger Point Therapy along with pressure on fascial connections (where the muscle inserts) oblique or perpendicular to the axis of pull along with movement can lower muscle tone, increase range of motion, and of course lower pain. Movement is done progressively as one section of the body relaxes the movement is increased to relax other areas of the body.

I do this type of work regularly and can not also relax your muscles through this process but give your muscles finer motor skills even if you have not had bodywork done in a while. Go ahead and make an appointment and experience the difference.