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Kinesiology Taping | Momentum Rehab

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I attended a kinesio tape class put on by RockTape a special cotton and nylon athletic tape that provides support while allowing full range of motion. Kinesio tape was invented in the mid 1970s by Dr. Kenzo Kase, in Japan, with texture and elasticity that resembles human skin. You may have seen it on athletes during competitive event live or on TV. Now all populations are receiving the benefits of this type of tape. Why use it?

Through its recoil the tape lifts the skin upward allowing more blood flow into injured areas. The tape stimulates sensory receptors in the skin, which travel faster than pain receptors, closing the pain-gate resulting. You get less pain. Kinesio tape also improves posture, reduces swelling and provides real time feedback to you about what your muscle are doing. It comes in a wide variety of colors although the colors have no differences between them.

The tape is put on by a certified practitioner, such as myself, and stays on 3 to 5 days. The tape is waterproof and stays on until you take it off at which time you wait for a day and a half for your next taping session. Depending on the issue three to five taping sessions can have a dramatic effect on how you feel and move.

A huge advantage I see for my clients is getting continued therapy even after you receive your treatment as you go about your day. As a special I will apply the first taping for free so you can experience the improvements for yourself.